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RunnerPay attention to employee development and rights

We emphasize career development and benefits of staffs and thus establish a platform for their career development. We avail our corporate culture to encourage all our staffs to go ahead together. We improve our mechanism to select, use, develop and gather talents, actively diversify the development platforms of staffs, stimulate them to give full rein to their creativity and grow with our enterprise.

Build a platform for talent growth - join hands with the strength of culture

RunnerFocus on the entire value chain from the inside out

Our social responsibilities cover both our interior and the whole supply chain. We aim to develop a transparent and sustainable supply chain; we stick to the principles of credibility, fairness and responsibility; we start from inside by establishing good policies and environment protection bylaws and then extend them to our partners, provide our partners with socially responsible services and impose higher social responsibility requirements on our partners.

Value supply chain - stick to integrity, fairness and responsibility

RunnerAlways continue to practice corporate social responsibility

We practiced, are practicing and will always practice our corporate social responsibilities with our general love for all. We have subsidized our children to attain their study goals, helped the weak to improve their living conditions, assisted kids to grow healthily and actively took actions in public interest through social cooperation and engagement.

Inheriting the great love of the company - not only past, present, or future

RunnerAlways integrate business growth with social responsibility

We always balance our social responsibility and growth, respect and protect the nature, take responsibility for the maintenance, development, prosperity, updating and beautification of the environment, promote energy-saving design, choose green materials, improve environment-protection techniques, realize clean production, ensure proper balance of social and economic values, promote the sustainable development of our company and the society and share our development fruits with all.

Introducing a variety of new technologies - maximizing resource recycling